Building Relationships One At A Time

Importance of Building Trust in The Community

 A little trust goes a long way. 

That means building trust in communities is worth some time and consideration.

Voices of Our Youth we build trust in our community 4 ways.


  1. Contractual trust - whether promises are kept, expectations are clear, and community members believe that they can depend on one another. Contractual trust is strong when people follow through on commitments; when they do what they say they're going to do.
  2. Communication trust - "Community members need to know they'll be told what they need to know when they need to know it," says Dunens. "Clear and frequent communication helps people follow rules, support local causes, and accept change.
  3. Competency trust - is something even the most scrupulous communicator can lose if they don't perform their job well. "Competency trust is built when people are knowledgeable and skilled in what they do," says Dunens. "This is especially important in communities because running a town or city requires knowledge about everything from financing to street repair. People and groups build trust not just when they do a job, but when they prove they can do their job well."
    Trust in competence can be strengthened in other ways, too – like admitting a mistake or expressing trust in others' abilities. "Trust is reciprocal," explains Dunens. "It's helpful to trust others' competence, to praise them for their skills, to consult them, and even to help them learn something they don't know how to do right now."
  4. Caring is the softer side of trust. We strengthen caring trust with genuine acts and words that express concern. Caring trust leads others to believe that no matter what might go wrong, you intend to act in their best interests rather than from a personal motive.

What We Will Do

1. Identify what Child Abuse is and show you how to report it.

2. Slow Human Trafficking down and bring awareness.

2. Slow Human Trafficking down and bring awareness to all of the community.

3. Mental Health & Suicide - We will find help for you.

You Are Never Alone